Learning Software From YouTube Tutorials

YouTube Tutorial Image

I’m a project hopper, I like to learn new technology and software and implement it where I can. Let it be video editing my gaming clips for a montage vid or using Photoshop to make a layover for my game stream. The first thing I do when wanting to understand something new is Google it. I don’t just read a few articles, I end up on YouTube 75% of the time watching someone demonstrate my learning need.

I Learn Visually

There is a creative and curious side to me that takes me to all sorts of new places when I’m bored but motivated. A lot like this blog, when I come to a new niche with motivation, I can create some really cool stuff. It’s just keeping up with it always seems to be difficult.

Neither here nor there, the point is, you can learn a lot for FREE on YouTube tutorials. This is how I got comfortable with Photoshop, Sony Vegas and WordPress. Streaming games allowed me to use these skills and be able to create content for my YouTube channel, my WordPress blog etc. There are several area’s learning new software that can advance myself and my career. So why not try to take the time and learn how to create a digital nintendo switch in photoshop? Start your first blog and write about your experiences?

I speak more to those who don’t have 4 kids with a full time job, but for those that do, the little time you have, try to fit in something new you could use to get out of that crummy job or lead you to a new understanding.

It’s In Your Hands

Like most things, it’s ultimately up to you if you want to learn new software or tech. The world is changing and advancing, staying somewhat up-to-date with the present tech can be a powerful change in life.

You’ll be surprised how much you can find just by a simple Google search.