Using Google Opinion Rewards For Free Google Play Music/YouTube Red

Google Opinion Rewards, Youtube Music and Google Play Icons

There are a lot of premium music services out there such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music etc. I’ve tried most of these services and really enjoyed some of them but Google Music keeps bringing back and here’s why.

There is a Android App called Google Opinion Rewards that will send you Surveys every month or more. Taking 1 – 5 minutes to complete these surveys will reward you with Google Play Credit. You can use this credit for any Google Play App or Service in which Google Play Music being one of them.

It is $9.99/mo for a Google Play individual plan so you’ll have to save up your credit and be patient. Once you are close to $10 in credit and have NOT been a Google Music premium user before, try the service out and ideally you should receive some free months for being a new user. You can then tell the service to deduct from your Google Play Credit when it comes time to charge you. If you do not have enough funds in your Play Credit, you will be emailed and the service will not renew.

Not only are you getting a premium music service from Google, you are also going to receive YouTube Red. While it’s benefits are great, the largest pro with YouTube Red is no ad’s! You are also given the ability to download video’s and watch them locally and access to a newer Android App called YouTube Music.

Getting two services for the price of 1 is why I stay with Google. Their music selection has greatly expanded over the years and I rarely have issues with the service. What’s your go to music provider and why?